Kenwood Farm



Neil McClester

4071 Meter Road, Mechanicstown, OH 44651

Phone: 330-853-7603

Web URL:

Offering: Females,Feeder-Calves


Kenwood Farm located in Carroll County is home of one of the oldest Shorthorn herds in Ohio. The farm was founded when John McClester moved back east from Oklahoma in 1920. He brought with him on the train seven Shorthorn cows and a bull. Since then the only outside additions to the herd have been herd bulls. Therefore every cow on the farm is a descendant of the cows brought from Oklahoma.

John’s son Robert took over the operation and transitioned from milking shorthorns to beef in 1965. The love for Shorthorns continued as he always used registered Shorthorn bulls. Robert was a graduate of the Ohio State College of Agriculture and was always willing to try new innovations in farming.

In 2000 the McClesters became the first farm in Ohio to donate an agricultural easement to the state so the 254 acre farm will always be farm land.

In 2001 Robert’s son Neil McClester took over the farm operation. One of his first projects was bringing the herds registration papers up to date. Currently the herd consists of 65 cows. Current herd sires are DMH Looking at Lucky and PVF 5K. The farm sells cow/calf pairs, bred heifers, heifers, and feeder calves.