RC Show Cattle

Rutan & Christy Campbell

Rutan & Christy Campbell

Ron Rutan & Christy Campbell

7878 Dixon Rd., Eaton, OH 45320

Phone: 937-603-1319 - Ron / 937-533-7051 - Christy

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Offering: Females,Bulls,Steers,Embryos,Semen


RC Show Cattle was formed in the summer of 1991 when Christy graduated from Bowling Green State University and as Ron was trimming feet on her brother's steers, hired her to take care of his place and cattle as he was busy building fence in southern Ohio during the week.  As this started, Christy was buying some heifers to build on as her 4-H cow herd was sold before starting college and Ron already had a small club calf herd established.  Ron was raised with Shorthorn cattle as his grandparents had them in the 1890’s and his parents into the 1980's.  Christy was raised on a farrow to finish hog farm and started the cattle journey her third year in 4-H at age 11.

They first bred Maine Anjou and club calf genetics but in 1997 purchased CF Nasdaq with the Mark Nolan family and started concentrating more on Shorthorn genetics. Today they run 45 Angus, Shorthorn and club calf cows along with their day to day job of building fence under Ron's company of Rutan Fence & Construction, started in 1984. They also host their annual Early Bird Sale every Saturday of Labor Day weekend along with invited friends and consignors.  Their love for cattle has always agreed on one thing "breed & present sound, functional cattle in an eye appealing package." 

Additional Address:
4727 Oxford Gettysburg Road
Eaton, Ohio 45320